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The People of Old Whitbourne project

This project was launched in the September 2004 to look into the history of the people of old Whitbourne, and so bring Whitbourne's past back to life.

Thanks to a grant from the Local Heritage Initiative, experts are coming over the next year to help the people of present-day Whitbourne discover and record the village's past.

Everyone is welcome to take part, young and old, newcomers and long-term residents.

Sandy Marchant is recording memories of village life. Can you remember Whitbourne before the War? Before electricity and mains water came? Or do you have a relative that used to live in Whitbourne? Sandy is eager to hear from you!

Duncan James is investigating some of the old houses in the village, working out when they were built and how they have been altered over time to suit their inhabitants.

Dr Kate Lack is looking at the records, wills and deeds, letters, and census returns - all the documents that show how people lived.

County Archaeologist Dr Keith Ray and his team plan a survey to find traces of old fields, lanes, and houses. Guided walks will show what has been discovered. Depending on the results, two excavations might take place - the school children will be taking part.

W.A.D.S. (Whitbourne Amateur Dramatic Society) is planning a play to show life in Whitbourne as it really was. Talk to Rob Slater for more information.

Bromyard Local History Society has a fascinating collection of photographs from Whitbourne. We hope some of you will be able to put names to faces.

The launch meeting was held on 21st September 2004 in Whitbourne Village Hall, and several interested parties, professional as well as amateur, are now engaged on a fascinating period of research.

The project is fully funded (now extended until Autumn 2006), and so fund-raising events do NOT form part of the project's activities.

Use the links to the left  to explore these web pages to see what's happened, is happening, and  plans for the future.

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