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so what follows might be out of date!

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Katherine Lack originally trained as an agricultural scientist at Oxford, where she took her doctorate in 1985. More recently she has studied medieval history and historical research techniques, and this diverse background has led her to explore the links between superficially different subjects. The three years she spent living with her family in Gibraltar gave insights into the creative tensions between cultures and religions, and it was while working as a guide at Lincoln Cathedral that she discovered an enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge with others.

Dr Lack is the author of three books of medieval biography, each of which also traces a European journey and its historical context. Her most recent book is on civilian internment diaries from the Second World War. She has written several academic papers and contributed to a variety of other conferences and publications. She also lectures widely, and has led tours and field visits to sites of historic and spiritual interest.

Katherine Lack is currently based at Birmingham University, working on a detailed study of rural life in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Herefordshire, as part of a research project into what motivates people to migrate.

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