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Who's Who in Greater Whitbourne

The Rector
Rev'd David Howell
The Rectory, Whitbourne, Worcs. WR6 5RZ
Tel: 01886 821 285
Day off: Mondays
 Rector's email
Assistant Priest
Rev'd Doiran Williams
Howberry, Whitbourne, Worcs. WR6 5RZ
Tel: 01886 821 189
Edvin Loach:
Mr Richard & Mrs Jackie Evans. Tel: 01885 482 183

Tedstone Delamere:
Mrs Kathleen Harris. Forge Cottage. Tel: 01885 483 681
Mr William North. Tel: 01886 853 321

Upper Sapey:
Mr I Evans-Fisher, Mrs C Evans-Fisher. Tel: 01886 853 441

Mrs Myrtle Kneen. Tel: 01886 821 707
Mrs Sylvia Bland. Tel: 01886 853 661
Deanery Synod Representatives
Mrs Sylvia Bland, Mrs Brenda Allan, Mr Stuart Beare, Mr A Stormonth Darling.
Electoral Roll Officer
Mr John Bland, Redlands, Upper Sapey, WR6 6XT. Tel: 01886 853 661.
Whitbourne Organist
Mrs Sheila Jones. Tel: 01885 488 625
Parochial Church Council (PCC)
Mr Philip Knowles. Tel: 01886 822 204

Mrs Brenda Allan.

Ex officio, all the above Churchwardens.

Other members:
Sir Nicholas Harington. Tel: 01886 821 819
Mr Jerry Cummins. Tel: 01886 821 485
Editor: Dr Mark Powell. Tel: 01886 821 121. Email:

Editorial Policy

Contributions for the magazine are very welcome and may be left at Whitbourne Village Shop or e-mailed to Contributions should be accompanied by a name and full address. Anonymity will be considered on request, but not provided automatically. Please note that the views expressed by contributors to the Parish Magazine are their own and do not represent the position of the PCC or any other
body. The last day for submissions is the 10th of the month.

Distribution Manager: Mr Andrew Kneen. Orchard Cottage, Whitbourne. Tel: 01886 821 707

£7 pa collected at the beginning of the year by your deliverer

Advertisements are intended for local service providers, retailers and clubs and should comply with the ethos of the Parish Magazine. Advertising rates are £5 and £2.50 for quarter and eighth page adverts respectively. Quarter pages are portrait format and eighth pages are landscape.

Please click here for the 2013 Advertising Guide, or contact the editor, as above:

Advertising Billing:
Mr John Bland, Redlands, Upper Sapey, WR6 6XT. Tel: 01886 853 661.

Advertising rates per monthly issue for 2013 :
1 Month
3 months
6 months
full year
Quarter A5 page (portrait)
Eighth A5 page (landscape)

See the 2013 Advertising Guide and use these links to templates to help you design your advert:
Size & Shape
.doc version
.docx version
Quarter page portrait
Eighth page landscape

John Bland. Redlands, Upper Sapey, WR6 6XT. Tel: 01886 853 661.
Webmaster's email
Deputy webmaster:
Brenda Allan, Gaines Lodge, Worcester Road, Whitbourne, WR6 5RB. Tel: 01886 821 450

Parish webshop:

This page last updated on 19th September 2013 by John Bland.