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Local Ministry Development Group (LMDG - "Lay Team") home page

What is the LMDG?

It is a team of lay people, nominated by the congregations of our four churches, plus the incumbent - originally Rev'd David Howell, but now our Interim Minister Rev'd Dawn Hyett. It reports to the Parochial Church Council of Greater Whitbourne, and was commissioned by Bishop Richard Frith on 7th June 2015. Follow this link for the commissioning service.


The current members are Brenda Allan, Gordon Bailey (originally our Advisor from the Tenbury group), John Bland, Sylvia Bland, Chris Evans, William North. Sadly, Jackie Evans and Susan Wyatt have stepped down for personal reasons. In addition, we have been supported from the beginning by Rev'd John Daniels, our diocesan Companion.

Terms of Reference - its "Remit"

Originally, our remit was as follows, but we look forward to updating it with Rev'd Hyett, our Interim Minister, once she is fully in post.

To hold services to which more people will come.

To provide church activities which will attract a greater range of people.

To plan to help those who need help in the parish.

To try to help in a peace and reconciliation process where necessary.

To consider the environment in everything we do.

To assist the Rector when he is overloaded with daily tasks.

To seek training where necessary so that we can do a better job.

Taking into account the Mission Action Plan of 2009, it will consider where we want to be in five years’ time and produce a new plan accordingly.

What does it do?

The team overall covers the general development of Lay Ministry in the four parishes of Greater Whitbourne, but most of its work is accomplished by two sub-groups. The complete team, and the two sub-groups, each meet about monthly.

  • The Worship Group, comprises Brenda, John B, Sylvia, William, Gordon, and Doiran (temporarily), plus Dawn.
    This group concerns itself with the development of new forms of worship in the Greater Parish, particularly "Family" services, and leads these and some other services as the need arises. We are authorised to "preach", provide home communion to the house-bound, and in exceptional circumstances lead "Public Worship with Communion by Extension".
  • The Pastoral Care Group, comprises Brenda, John, Chris, Doiran, and Dawn.
    This group operates in a very confidential manner assisting the clergy in the pastoral care of parishioners as the need is understood. This is always with the full knowledge and support of the clergy.
  • The Parish Magazine Contents Group. Set up by the PCC, it is a five-person group, of whom three are LMDG members. Its remit is to help the church, through the magazine, to be:
    • at the service of the community;
    • in the consciousness of the community;
    • accessible to the community.

What are its plans?

Overall, to do better as we gain experience and confidence, but particularly:

  • To reassess and reinvigorate in 2017, as we work closely with our new Interim Minister.
  • Further develop new forms of service that help us grow the church, particularly considering the demographics of the Greater Parish population.
  • Help and encourage others to take a more active part in the worshipping life of our churches.
  • To continue to address the Remit.

Contacting the LMDG

You can telephone any member, of course - details in the Parish Magazine.

We also have the email address LMDG@whitbourne.org.uk that can be used to submit suggestions and comments to the Lay Team. This will be checked by Chris Evans on a regular basis, and shared with the whole team. You should NOT use it for confidential matters.

This page last updated on 18th APril 2018 by John Bland.

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