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Other work

Church Study Materials

Faith In Life – written in collaboration with the Ealing Abbey Publishing House, the rural version of this study pack for churches addressed the particular issues facing Christians living in the countryside.

Burgos CathedralThe Diocese of Worcester Bishop’s Certificate Course – ‘Discovering Christianity Together’. Co-written with Canon Peter Kerr, this innovative and flexible discussion-based programme introduces a range of challenging material including Church History, Liturgy and Biblical Studies, for small group use.

Questions? – a collaborative diocesan education project. A novel series of A4 triple-fold leaflets, presenting the key questions surrounding some of the thorniest issues in modern life, in an immediately accessible way.

My Conference Contributions include:

Camino Bridge

  • Travel and Pilgrimage in the late Middle Ages
  • The identity of The Worcester Pilgrim
  • The Legacy and Legend of Bishop Wulfstan


Iona Abbey
1995-7: Lecturer and Courier for
Tours of the Sacred Sites of Northern Britain

Iron Gates GorgeFrom 2009: Guest speaker for
Noble Caledonia River Cruises.

On journeys along Europe's rivers,
I explore people's understanding of the
present through the stories of their past.

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