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Books by Katherine Lack

The Eagle and the Dove

A  life  of  the  celtic  pioneer  and  saint   Columbanus
(c. 542-615 AD), who left his native Ireland to blaze a trail across a Europe darkened by the pagan invasions. Over the Alps and down into Italy, he challenged the rulers of a weakened continent, and founded monastic communities which acted as beacons of hope for generations to come. Among Columbanus’ many legacies is the curious fact that the patron saint of Switzerland is an Irishman, his disciple St Gall.

The Cockleshell Pilgrim

This book investigates the identity of the mysterious ‘pilgrim burial’ accidentally uncovered in Worcester Cathedral, and explores the life of the city in which this man lived and worked.

It then recreates in practical detail the fifteenth-century pilgrimage he seems to have made, to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain, a road still taken by thousands of pilgrims every year. Whether the modern pilgrim travels on foot, by bicycle or in a car, many aspects of the journey have not changed in the intervening centuries.

Conqueror’s Son

A new and challenging reappraisal of the life of the eldest son of William the Conqueror. On his father’s death, Duke Robert ‘Curthose’ (‘stubby legs’) inherited Normandy, while his younger brother William Rufus was crowned King of England. The conventional story is that this was what the Conqueror wished, because he considered that Robert was unfit to rule. But this book produces and explores new evidence which suggests that Robert was the victim of carefully constructed medieval ‘spin’, to legitimise his two younger brothers’ seizures of the throne.

Frontstalag 142: The Internment Diary of an English Lady

During World War II, 5,000 women who held British papers were interned by the Nazis in occupied France. Some of these women wrote memoirs after their liberation, and a few brave ones kept diaries while in the camps. This material is published here for the first time in all its harrowing detail, based around the full text of the illustrated diary of my relation, the redoubtable Miss Fanny Twemlow.
From the grim and freezing conditions in the Besancon barracks, the prisoners were moved to the abandoned spa at Vittel, where they were later joined by Jews in transit to the death camps.

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